Santa Collectibles

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What are Some Santa Collectibles?

Santa Collectibles

One thing many people collect to display over the Christmas season is different kinds of Santas. Santa Claus collectibles are extremely popular at Christmas time. Chances are if you were to walk into almost any house during the Christmas season, you will see a display of Christmas Santa's somewhere in that home.

There are so many Santa collectibles your head will spin. You can find Santa collectibles in many sizes and shapes. You can purchase a soccer playing Santa if you have a love of soccer. Or you can go more traditional and purchase a kneeling Santa Claus. This Santa Claus is on his knees appearing to be praying over the baby Jesus who is sleeping in his manger. Santa collectibles are made in various materials from resin, to fabric mache, and porcelain to glass. Some people prefer the traditional Thomas Nast look of Santa (also epitomized as the Coca-Cola Santa), while others prefer more rustic or modern Santas.

Another Santa collectible you may want to look for when shopping is the Pipka Santa Figurine line. Pipka figurines first were developed in 1995 and have grown in great popularity. These resin figurines feature Father Christmas from various different countries. The Lucky Irish Santa Pipka figurine shows Father Christmas dressed in a green coat walking with a walking stick and carrying a pot of gold. If you purchase the Lucky Irish Santa Pipka, you may want to add to your Pipka Santa collection with a USA Santa Claus. This Pipka Santa shows what we Americans interpret to be Santa Claus getting ready to slide down a chimney with a bag of presents.



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