Types of Christmas Tree Garland

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Are there any unique types of Christmas tree garland?

Types of Christmas Tree Garland

When you think of Christmas tree garland, you probably picture artificial evergreens or red beaded strands. However, there are many
other types of garland available. If you take the time to check out some of the options, you may find a garland that is the perfect match for your plans for this year's tree theme.

Novelty garland designs include everything from ducks to dog bones. These garlands are an especially fun choice for a child's personal Christmas tree. What little boy who is a fan of super heroes wouldn't get excited about a tree wrapped in Superman and Batman garland? Little girls who like pretty things may love having a tree wrapped in a beautiful novelty butterfly garland.

For people who want to take advantage of a fast way to add some glam to their trees, fancy beaded garland in metallic colors are sure to create plenty of sparkle. Fancy star tinsel and beaded sequined garlands are also perfect for elegant themes.

If you are a traditionalist, there are plenty of novelty garland options that help recreate a vintage feel. A wooden beaded garland is great for a rustic country themed tree. For Victorian lovers, a tinsel garland may be the perfect choice.



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