Choosing Christmas Wreaths

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Are there any tips for choosing Christmas wreaths?

Choosing Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are a great choice for spreading holiday cheer both indoors and out. These versatile wreaths are available in many sizes and styles, from classic green wreaths with red bows to
fun and funky metallic ribbon wreaths. To successfully choose the right wreaths for your home, you should:

Think about scale. A small wreath hanging all alone in the middle of an enormous wall looks a bit silly, while a massive wreath that fills out the entire width of a door probably looks overwhelming and makes the door seem undersized.

Consider lighting options. If you decide you'd like your wreaths to light up, you really should consider pre-lit wreaths. A pre-lit wreath is so much easier to work with than one you are adding lights to. Wrapping that circular wreath shape in a string of lights is filled with frustration and tangled cords. You should also think about whether you like multi-colored lights or if you'd prefer wreaths with clear lights. These two options create a very different effect.

Look for extra touches, like pine cones or artificial snow. If the wreath is pre-decorated, you can simply hang it and go on to your next decorating task.



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