Christmas Tree Toppers Finish Off a Tree

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Are there lighted Christmas tree toppers?

Christmas Tree Toppers Finish Off a Tree

Your tree is a thing of beauty. Every inch is decorated and you can't wait to show it off. However, as you step back for one last admiring look, you realize that something seems to be missing. At the very top of the tree a big blank space sticks out like a sore thumb. Christmas tree toppers are a great solution for dealing with that empty spot on the tree.

Tree toppers are designed to fit easily over the triangular point at the top of a tree to provide a final decorative touch. Most people don't put the topper on the tree until the rest of the decorations are in place. For some, crowning the tree signifies the start of the holiday season. Some even prefer to place the topper on the tree first, particularly if it's lighted, so that they don't knock off any ornaments in the process of decorating.

Traditionally, toppers have angel or star themes. Many people use the same topper for many years. Some even pass a particularly lovely topper down from generation to generation and this well loved ornament becomes a family heirloom.

While you can find many models without lights, why not opt for the extra sparkle of a lighted star topper? After all, if you decide to top a tree with a star, it just makes sense to have one that twinkles.



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