Choosing Christmas Tree Skirts

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Are there any tips for choosing tree skirts?

Choosing Christmas Tree Skirts

Christmas trees without skirts are like cakes without icing. A tree just looks unfinished when there isn't a lovely, decorative skirt at the bottom. When you are choosing a skirt for your tree, you have two options. You can choose a skirt and build your tree's decorating scheme around it or you can decorate the tree and then find a tree skirt to match.

Christmas tree skirts come in many different themes, from a country style with a whimsical moose appliqué to a beautiful golden brocade skirt with a scalloped edge. As you look for the perfect skirt, keep in mind that it should ideally coordinate with the room's decor as well as the tree's decorations.

You should also think about whether you'll be able to use the skirt more than once. Christmas Tree skirts are very durable and can last for many years. If you don't think about your choice, you'll be stuck with a skirt that is used once and then packed away in that box of decorations you never bother to unpack. Consider shopping for a skirt that matches almost any theme, such as a gold or burgundy skirt with a pattern in the same color on it. Another idea is to look for a skirt with a red and green Christmas theme.



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