Top That Tree with a Tree Topper

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What is a Christmas Tree Topper?

Top That Tree with a Tree Topper

So you have your Christmas tree covered in decorations, lights and garland. You have a gorgeous Christmas tree skirt to dress the bottom of your tree. It seems your Christmas tree is complete, or is it? Have you glanced at the top of your tree? Is it looking kind of bare? That's because every Christmas tree needs a tree topper to make the look complete.

Christmas tree toppers are usually an angel or a star that slips onto the very top branch of your Christmas tree. Many times, these toppers light up or rotate around the top of your tree for an added something special.

You can select Christmas tree toppers that exude old world charm, such as one that shows a Nativity with the Star of Bethlehem hovering over. While some families prefer stars, others prefer angels. You can select a lovely gold angel with feathers as wings that will add charm to your tree. If you want something different for your tree topper, you can spend more than the usual $15 to $20 for a topper and purchase a Father Christmas tree topper that runs about $50.

Purchasing a tree topper comes down to personal choice. Like all other Christmas tree accessories, you will find a large amount of choices when it comes to what is available in tree toppers. The important thing is to not forget to finish your tree decorating by adding a tree topper; no tree is complete without it!

And if you plan to use a lighted tree topper, don't forget you'll need to save room to plug it in.



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