Untraditional Tree Topper Ideas

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Are there any fun tree topper options?

Untraditional Tree Topper Ideas

You have a star or an angel atop your tree every single year. While there is much to be said for continuing traditions, your current tree topper is looking a bit ratty and you'd like to try shaking things up a bit this year. Aren't there any nontraditional, quirky tree topper ideas you can try? Actually, there are dozens of unique topper ideas.

If you want a bit of a change, but you are still a traditionalist at heart, a snowflake topper may just be the perfect compromise. These toppers have a shape that is similar to that of a star and snowflakes were used as decorations on Christmas trees back in Victorian times.

For people who really want to be different, there are toppers designed to match a tree's theme. If you are putting together a nature or fishing related tree, why not go for a whimsical fish in a Santa hat? If your tree is extremely ornate, a peacock topper would make the perfect final touch. Snowmen and butterflies are also fun topper options.

If you can't find a pre-made topper you like, why not buy an ornament that matches your theme and make your own? Just detach the shabby old
topper decoration from the base and use hot glue to attach the ornament.



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