DIY Christmas Tree Accessories

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What are some do it yourself Christmas tree accessories?

DIY Christmas Tree Accessories

Sprucing up your Christmas tree doesn't have to cost you a lot of money. Instead of buying loads of ornaments every year, you can take things you already have around your house and put them to use in the form of Christmas tree accessories.

If you have red or green (or really any color will do) ribbon lying around your home, why not tie the ribbon into small bows and place them on your tree? This will add a splash of color to your tree and can be something that even children will enjoy doing. Then use the leftover ribbon as ornament holders to hold decorations up throughout your home.

If you still have old Christmas cards from Christmas past, you can use those to make your own garland. Simply cut out the pictures on the front of the Christmas cards, poke a small hole through the cut out figure and string some ribbon or string through it and place it around your tree. This is a unique and easy way to decorate your tree and recycle old cards as well.

Take a look around your house and see what you have lying around. Did you know that you can use a recycled soda bottle to make an angel tree topper? You will need a two liter bottle that is clean and has the sticker removed, along with other craft supplies such as a wooden ball for the angel's head, yarn for hair and ribbon, lace and pipe cleaners for making wings.

Really, when you think about it, the possibilities are endless for making Christmas tree accessories yourself. You just have to get creative and find some fun items for holiday recycling!



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