Display Extra Decorations With an Ornament Holder

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Is an ornament holder a good option for displaying extra ornaments?

Display Extra Decorations With an Ornament Holder

As you look for a way to display a few extra ornaments on your already crowded tree, you think that there has to be a better option. You could just keep them in their storage containers, but it does seem like a shame to store them for another entire year without having even a few weeks to show off how beautiful they are. Displaying them in a bowl isn't really a great option because they are such fragile glass ornaments that you are afraid they will be scratched or broken. You tried using a mini tree, but it couldn't handle the weight of the full sized ornaments. What you need is an ornament holder.

Ornament holders are decorative metal stands that measure less than two feet tall. They are designed to securely hold a few special ornaments on gracefully curved hangers. Most holders are tree shaped and can hold a dozen or more ornaments. Their filigree design will provide plenty of decorative appeal while keeping your ornaments safe.

If you are placing the ornament holder in a location where people won't be able to easily see all the sides of the holder, you may want to look for a revolving model. This way, all the ornaments will be on display for people to admire and curious guests won't be tempted to try to turn the holder around on their own to look at an intriguing ornament.

However, make sure you purchase ornament holders that fit the type of ornament you are purchasing for. Holders and stands come in different sizes and heights and not all ornaments will fit securely in all stands. So before you start shopping, have a list of special ornaments and sizes (small, medium, large) in mind.



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