Ornament Hangers Enhance Ornaments

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Are there any pretty ornament hangers?

Ornament Hangers Enhance Ornaments

As you hang your ornaments, you can't help but think that there should be a better way to hang these lovely decorations. The standard ornament hangers that come with most ornaments are plain and boring. Isn't there something nicer you can use than those
plain metal hooks? Actually, there are many options for hanging ornaments on the tree.

Rotating ornament hangers, such as the Ornamotor, are a very eye catching way to hang several special ornaments on the tree. They are a terrific option for ornaments that have scenes painted on them or ornaments that catch the light when they move.

A spotlight hanger shines lights on the ornament hanging from it. You'll really attract attention to your heirloom treasure with one of these hangers, which can be programmed to create different lighting

Ornate wire hangers are twisted into beautiful shapes, such as hearts or stars. These are metal hooks that anyone would be proud to use to hang ornaments on the tree. Ribbon hangers are a beautiful substitute for standard hooks. Simply remove the hooks and thread a piece of decorative ribbon through the ornament's loop. Tie a neat bow and put the ornament on the tree.



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