Christmas Tree Stands

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What are Christmas Tree Stands?

Christmas Tree Stands

As you prepare to put up your Christmas tree, you will need to have one very important accessory or your tree will surely fall! You must have that ever-important Christmas tree stand. Of all the Christmas tree accessories, this might be the most important! You can't simply prop your tree up in a corner and expect it to stay put, you must have a stand in which the trunk of the tree is inserted into a hole in the base of the stand while screws are tightened around it to keep it upright. If you don't have one, make sure to get one before you're ready to put your tree up!

A Christmas tree stand most often comes in red or green and has four large bolts that screw into a tight fit up against the base of the Christmas tree once the tree trunk is placed into the stand. It may take some maneuvering to get the tree to a straight stance, so expect to have to adjust the screws after you have already tightened them.

If you purchase an artificial Christmas tree, often times the stand is included with the tree so it may not be necessary to purchase one if you have recently purchased an artificial tree. Just check the box with the tree to see if the stand is included. If you purchase a fresh Christmas tree, you will need a stand for it. Another cool Christmas tree stand is one that actually doesn't require any screws and it doesn't require you to do any cutting to the trunk of your fresh Christmas tree. For about $50 or more, you can purchase a tree stand that you set the trunk of the tree in, and then push a pedal with your foot to tighten the claws around the trunk of the tree. This is an ideal stand for those of you who want to avoid the pain of cutting and screwing in your tree.

You may want to do some research on the Internet about what Christmas tree stand is best for the type of Christmas tree you are going to get. Christmas tree stands can be found at major retailers and online merchants.



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