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Are there any large nativity sets for small yards?

Choosing Large Nativity Sets

For many people, Christmas just isn't Christmas without a nativity scene. Large nativity sets that decorate the front lawn are a special way to share your enjoyment of the Christmas story with your friends and neighbors. With the many options available, you can find a nativity that will fit in any size yard and will match any design style.

One piece nativity scenes are compact decorations that are easy to set up. They are perfect for people who want to display a large lighted nativity in their yards but have limited space.

Plastic nativity sets are a great option for people who want durability and versatility. Since the people and animals are all separate figurines, you could opt to just use the nativity family some years and put out the entire set other years. This flexibility is very important for people who like to change the way they set up their yard displays each year.

Wire framed sets have the same benefits of plastic nativities with the additional advantage of offering an updated look. People who want a more modern looking nativity should be happy with wire sets.

No matter which set you choose for your yard, don't be surprised if it becomes a magnet for neighborhood children. What child wouldn't be fascinated by the story of Christmas reproduced in life size figurines?

What is one benefit of a wooden Advent calendar?

Wooden Advent Calendars

If you are looking for an Advent calendar that will hold up year after year, a wooden Advent calendar is the right choice for you. Wooden Advent calendars are a little less than 16 inches in height and usually come with 24 numbered compartments that can be pulled up to put a little surprise or Bible scripture in. Wooden Advent calendars are brightly colored with cute designs such as a snowman with a bag of stars.

A neat feature of such calendars is that it allows you to decide which type of items you want placed in each of the 24 numbered compartments that are pulled open day after day. If you want to place a treat for your child on some days, you can. If you would rather focus on the more religious or spiritual part of the holiday, you can place your own Bible verse or scripture in the compartments. Or better yet, combine both ideas and have some scripture some days and treats the other. This way, whomever opens it will never know for sure what they might find in that compartment. It may just become a new family tradition that your child will look forward to each year. Advent calendars make great holiday decorations.

Are there any multicultural nativity ideas?

Multicultural Christmas Nativity Ideas

Many children do not realize that Christmas is celebrated differently in other parts of the world. From Yule logs to Saint Lucia, children in other cultures have special holiday traditions. Some of these traditions are centered around the Christmas nativity. Why not have a multicultural celebration this year with your children? They'll learn about how other cultures celebrate the holidays and they just may decide that they'd enjoy incorporating some of the different traditions into your family's Christmas celebrations in future years.

In Mexico, the nativity has a special place in Christmas activities. Entire neighborhoods celebrate with an event they call Posada. This is a tradition where children recreate Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem by having a parade of neighborhood kids go from house to house asking for shelter. Many times, they carry a nativity with them. The adults have already decided which house will invite the kids in and that family puts together a party for the children and their parents.

If you have a rich cultural heritage, you may prefer to look for traditions that your ancestors celebrated instead. To find out more about your holiday heritage, you should:

  • Talk to older relatives to see if they have any heirlooms, such as a Saint Lucia crown that has been passed down through the family, to share with you.
  • Check the Internet or call your local library to research customs celebrated by your culture.

What are some do it yourself Christmas tree accessories?

DIY Christmas Tree Accessories

Sprucing up your Christmas tree doesn't have to cost you a lot of money. Instead of buying loads of ornaments every year, you can take things you already have around your house and put them to use in the form of Christmas tree accessories.

If you have red or green (or really any color will do) ribbon lying around your home, why not tie the ribbon into small bows and place them on your tree? This will add a splash of color to your tree and can be something that even children will enjoy doing. Then use the leftover ribbon as ornament holders to hold decorations up throughout your home.

If you still have old Christmas cards from Christmas past, you can use those to make your own garland. Simply cut out the pictures on the front of the Christmas cards, poke a small hole through the cut out figure and string some ribbon or string through it and place it around your tree. This is a unique and easy way to decorate your tree and recycle old cards as well.

Take a look around your house and see what you have lying around. Did you know that you can use a recycled soda bottle to make an angel tree topper? You will need a two liter bottle that is clean and has the sticker removed, along with other craft supplies such as a wooden ball for the angel's head, yarn for hair and ribbon, lace and pipe cleaners for making wings.

Really, when you think about it, the possibilities are endless for making Christmas tree accessories yourself. You just have to get creative and find some fun items for holiday recycling!

Is there a Precious Moments nativity set?

Precious Moments Nativity Sets and Other Nativity Figurines

You've been collecting Precious Moments figurines for quite a few years. You even used a pair of these sweet little children as cake toppers on your wedding cake. Since you are such a fan of these adorable porcelain figurines, it is no surprise that you looked for a Precious Moments nativity when you decided you wanted a new nativity set.

The three piece nativity includes a boy and girl dressed as Joseph and Mary and a baby dressed as Jesus. The set has all the personality and sweetness that the rest of the Precious Moments figurines have and is sure to be a treasured addition to your collection.

If you collect other figurines, you may be interested in taking a look at Department 56's nativity set. This set is only available through and is a wonderful addition to your Department 56 village display.

For people who enjoy adding new figurines to their collection each year, Jim Shore nativity pieces may be the perfect option. Jim Shore has several different nativity families. In addition, there are quite a few other nativity related pieces you can add to your collection. Wise Men, camels, shepherds, angels and even palm trees are available for these sets.

What is a keepsake ornament?

Ornaments to Treasure

Christmas ornaments can become family treasures that are passed down from generation to generation. There are ornaments available that are considered keepsake ornaments, such as Christopher Radko glass ornaments. Once you see these keepsake ornaments you will surely realize that it is something to cherish forever.

Christopher Radko ornaments are mouth blown glass, created by hand and lined with sterling silver. Each of these ornaments takes one week from start to finish and is beautifully hand-painted and glazed with vibrant colors. The minute one of these Christmas ornaments is given to you or purchased by you, you will see how special a keepsake ornament can be.

If your child loves dogs, Christopher Radko has an adorable ornament with a dog and a cat. What a neat gift to give your child who will treasure it as he grows and someday, may place it on his Christmas tree as an adult. If you know a fish lover, he or she is sure to love the puffer fish ornament that Christopher Radko has created. He even designs beautiful ornaments that are Santa collectibles.

Ornaments such as these cost as much as $60 but when you consider how long these keepsakes will be in your family, the price is definitely worth it.

Is a nativity stable a good idea?

Complete Your Display With a Nativity Stable

You carefully arrange your nativity set on your Christmas tree skirt and take a step back to admire the result. While the figurines are beautiful, it seems as though something is missing. Perhaps the problem is that they are dwarfed by the ornament covered tree. You move them to the coffee table, the mantle and the bookshelf. No matter where that lovely nativity scene is set up, it looks wrong. You're staring at the figurine when you realize the problem. You didn't shop for a nativity stable.

Nativity stables are a great way to provide a backdrop for your figurines. They add realism and interest to the nativity display and are a great way to make the Christmas story easier for children to understand.

You can find beautiful olive wood nativity stables in very simple designs or with lovely hand carved details. These stables have a rustic simplicity that will allow the nativity figurines to shine. Moss covered stables are another rustic option.

If you would like to find a stable that matches the style of your cozy country home, you may want to take a look at a Jim Shore stable. These stables are designed to match Jim Shore nativity sets but can be purchased separately if you want to use your current nativity set.

What are some other Christmas storage tips?

Other Christmas Storage

Christmas always comes with lots of decorations and with lots of decorations comes lots of storage needs. What should you know when it comes to storing all of those Christmas decorations?

  • Store your Christmas decorations, including Christmas ornament storage, in clear containers. A clear container makes it easy to see what's inside the container and eliminates the need for wondering what's in that box year after year. In addition to labeling what's inside, it's a good idea to use clear containers.
  • Christmas lights can be difficult to store because they tend to get tangled up with each other when shoved into a box. Eliminate this by wrapping them around a toilet paper or paper towel cardboard roll and placing them inside of a box marked "Christmas Lights".
  • If you have garland made from beads, separate those from other decorations by placing them in their own container. Go a step further and place each string of beads in a plastic baggie inside of the container. The plastic baggie separates the strings, which means no beads to untangle each year.
  • When storing Christmas wreaths, use a box or container made especially for wreaths. You can find these at most retailers or online. This type of container helps the wreath keep its shape.

Is there a Christmas nativity that will match my home's decorating style?

Indoor Christmas Nativity Scenes

You'd like to start displaying a nativity each Christmas, but you aren't sure if there is a set that will work with your home's décor. Actually, with all the Christmas nativity sets available, you're going to have to start worrying about narrowing down your choices, instead.

For people who are short on space, miniature nativities are a smart idea. You can find a set from Jim Shore that fits easily into an area as small as a foot and includes a stable and individual figurines. If you want a nativity that is even smaller, maybe a nativity contained in a nut shell will work. Elaborate nativity ornaments can hang on a tree or an ornament stand.

If you are concerned about storage space, but you prefer to display a set that is larger than some of the miniature options, perhaps a set of stacking nativity dolls will work for you. These dolls create a substantial display when they are un-stacked, but the entire nativity can be stored in a single doll when the Christmas season is over.

For people who are more worried about the style of the nativity then space, there are many different options. Iron, wood and porcelain figurines provide a wide range of materials from which to choose. You can find country Jim Shore nativity sets, folk art Russian figurines or elegant Fontanini designs.

Are there any tips for choosing a children's nativity?

Choosing a Children's Nativity

You know from past experience that children and Christmas figurines don't mix. However, as you carefully arrange your fragile nativity set on the mantle, you can't help but notice how disappointed your children seem. When your littlest child whispers that she wants to see the baby Jesus, you realize that you need to shop for a durable Children's nativity set for her to enjoy. You are delighted when a quick search reveals several suitable models, including a delightful large nativity that uses children for all of the nativity characters.

Before you buy your children a nativity, you may want to consider a few important issues. To be sure you select the right set, you should:

  • Think about whether your kids are old enough to keep things out of their mouths. While miniature sets are a cute idea, they may not be a smart choice for families with children under four years of age.
  • Consider durability. Unless you are going to supervise all interactions with the set, you should opt for a set that cannot break or be damaged easily. Even sturdy carved wooden pieces can be chipped if your children decide that the shepherds should get in a fight.

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