Wooden Advent Calendars

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What is one benefit of a wooden Advent calendar?

Wooden Advent Calendars

If you are looking for an Advent calendar that will hold up year after year, a wooden Advent calendar is the right choice for you. Wooden Advent calendars are a little less than 16 inches in height and usually come with 24 numbered compartments that can be pulled up to put a little surprise or Bible scripture in. Wooden Advent calendars are brightly colored with cute designs such as a snowman with a bag of stars.

A neat feature of such calendars is that it allows you to decide which type of items you want placed in each of the 24 numbered compartments that are pulled open day after day. If you want to place a treat for your child on some days, you can. If you would rather focus on the more religious or spiritual part of the holiday, you can place your own Bible verse or scripture in the compartments. Or better yet, combine both ideas and have some scripture some days and treats the other. This way, whomever opens it will never know for sure what they might find in that compartment. It may just become a new family tradition that your child will look forward to each year. Advent calendars make great holiday decorations.



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