Fun Nativity Sets

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What are some non-traditional Nativity scenes?

Fun Nativity Sets

Nativity sets do not have to be traditional table-top sets. It can be something more fun and unique, such as a cookie cutter Nativity set. Why not let the kids bake cookies in the shape of the Nativity to give as gifts? People will surely enjoy getting and eating an edible gift that represents what Christmas is all about. At less than $20 for a Nativity cookie cutter set, you may have a hard time thinking of a more reasonable gift, or a yummier one.

Or how about making a set out of playdough to make as ornaments that keep from year to year? The dough will harden and with the application of a simple pottery glaze found at any craft store, you can then keep these fun treasures forever.

Another fun Nativity scene is a holographic Nativity that can be used indoors or outdoors to celebrate the Nativity. Indoor/Outdoor nativity scenes such as these come with lawn stakes, stand and a power cord to ensure easy set up. You can even display a plastic Nativity on your front lawn. Gone are the days of the fake looking plastic lawn ornaments. Today's plastic Nativity sets are realistic and are a fun way to represent the Nativity outdoors. Nativities are a holiday tradition for many households but the nativity display itself can be different, unique and fun.



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