Decorating With an Outdoor Nativity Set

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Are there any ways I can help my outdoor nativity stand out?

Decorating With an Outdoor Nativity Set

You want to create your entire Christmas scheme around your outdoor nativity set this year, but you aren't quite sure how to do it. Should you avoid using lights? What about your eight foot high inflatable Santa Claus? To set up a display that makes your nativity the focal point, consider one of these ideas:

  • Think about putting the nativity in an elevated position. Place it so that it is on a hill in your yard or install it on the front porch. If neither of those options is right for you, you may want to set up a portable deck to hold your nativity set.
  • You may want to use solar powered floodlights to put your nativity in the spotlight. Even if you have lights on the house, the brighter wattage of the spotlights will draw people's eyes to the nativity scene.
  • Shop for a nativity that can provide plenty of shine all on its own. A holographic nativity display is bright enough to attract attention in the midst of a whole lawn filled with traditionally lighted decorations. If you want separate figures instead of a scene, you can find plastic sets that have lights inside or wire sets that are wrapped in strings of traditional outdoor Christmas lights.

The sky is the limit when it comes to piecing together your own Nativity sets!



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