Christmas Stockings for Pets

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Are there any tips for filling Christmas stockings for pets?

Christmas Stockings for Pets

In today's world, more and more people consider their dogs and cats to be more than just pets. These beloved companions are treated as members of the family. And why not? Their unfailing love and ability to listen to our stories without passing judgment are qualities that few human friends and family members offer. With all that pets give their owners each year, it is no surprise that they are being included in Christmas festivities. Christmas stockings for pets are a great option for entertaining your four legged friends while the kids are ripping open their own stockings.

You can find stockings designed just for pets, such as a charming personalized velvet stocking with a dog on it, or you can choose a traditional red stocking that is personalized with your pet's name. No matter which stocking you choose, you should make sure you make the experience safe for your pets.

  • Avoid items that are toxic for pets, such as chocolate, onions, apples or raisins. A few tasty dog bones or cat treats are sure to be appreciated by your pet and won't turn a happy celebration into a heart breaking trip to the emergency room.
  • Unwrap any toys that are prepackaged in plastic before putting them in the stocking so your pet doesn't tear into the plastic and accidentally swallow some of it before you can grab the toy and unwrap it.



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