Be Creative With Christmas Stocking Holders

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Are Christmas stocking holders good for holding other things?

Be Creative With Christmas Stocking Holders

When you were a child, Christmas stocking holders were probably no more than nails or cup hooks fastened to the fireplace mantle. Today's stocking holders are extremely decorative and can do a lot more than hold stockings for a few weeks. Try some of these ideas for decorating your home with Christmas stocking holders:

  • Mantle clips are the perfect way to hold stockings securely without damaging your beautiful mantle. However, these stylish and functional clips also are great for holding other things. If you don't have wall space for a hook for your hot pads or kitchen towels, a mantle clip can conveniently hold these items on the nearby butcher block or kitchen island. If your child needs a coat hook at her or his level, a clip on one of the shelves on your bookcase creates a temporary hook that can be moved up a shelf when he or she has a growth spurt.
  • A stocking hanger can be used to hold ornaments, small wreaths and other great Christmas decorations. Place the hanger on a window sill, a book shelf, or a cabinet shelf to display your decorations without having to put holes in your home or furniture.



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