Create a Family Tradition With Charming Tails

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Are Charming Tails figurines available with themes for different events?

Create a Family Tradition With Charming Tails

This year you will be celebrating your child's first Christmas. You've heard of people buying an ornament for a baby's first Christmas and that seems like a nice idea, but you want to start a special tradition you can continue year after year as your child grows up. Why not give your child a Charming Tails figurine to commemorate each special holiday and event?

  • The "A New Little Sole" figurine is the perfect start for your child's collection. If you prefer to keep to a Christmas theme, there are quite a few winter themed figurines to choose from. You can also opt to give your child a Charming Tails holiday ornament instead.
  • Don't forget to shop for a figurine with a monthly theme for your child's birthday. These figurines combine each month's flower and a nice looking faux gemstone with the sweet Charming Tails characters.
  • Figurines that commemorate different seasons and holidays, like Valentine's Day and the fall harvest, are a nice way to add to your child's collection during the rest of the year.
  • As your child grows up, figurines to commemorate all the special milestones, like graduation and marriage, are also available.



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