Have a Healthy Countdown Till Christmas

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Is there a way to make the countdown till Christmas healthy?

Have a Healthy Countdown Till Christmas

If you are concerned about making Christmas healthy this year, you may want to consider shopping for reusable advent calendars. Being able to choose the type of treats in the calendar is a great bonus for parents of children with nut allergies or parents who want their kids to eat healthy snacks. To have a healthier countdown till Christmas, you should:

  • Avoid filling the calendar pockets with chocolates or other types of candy. If you still want to give your children edible treats, consider giving granola bars, fruit snacks or a low calorie snack pack instead. If you would rather use fresh fruit or veggies, create tickets that say they are redeemable for a favorite fruit or veggie and place the tickets in the compartments. Your kids can redeem the tickets for a nice, fresh treat.
  • Think about avoiding food altogether. Stickers, temporary tattoos, gumball machine prizes or pocket change can be exciting prizes for young children. These prizes help you avoid having children associate junk food with rewards.
  • Consider making the holiday less commercial by filling each pocket with a coupon redeemable for a fun activity. Making cookies, taking a trip to the ice rink or creating a bird feeder to hang outside the window can all be exciting things for kids to do.


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