Unique Christmas Calendars

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Are there other options for Christmas calendars to count down the days?

Unique Christmas Calendars

As you pull out your Christmas decorations, you realize that they're looking a bit stale. You need new and exciting decorations, but your budget won't allow you to replace everything. Since your advent calendar is looking particularly shabby, you decide that this is the year to shop for unique Christmas calendars. You can find calendars that count down to Christmas in the traditional rectangular style, but there are so many more options available that you are sure to find an updated calendar style that is perfect for you.

Christmas advent wreaths are a nice choice for people with limited wall space, since these wreaths sit on a table or windowsill. They are designed to be used in a weekly family ceremony instead of being a daily goodie dispenser and Christmas countdown option.

Inexpensive, disposable advent calendars are a perfect option for larger families. Choose a calendar for each child and clearly label each one before you hang them. Fights over who will be able to open the window that day will be a thing of the past, since each child will be able to get a treat from his or her own calendar compartment.



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