Fontanini Nativity Set

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What is so Special About Fontanini Nativity Sets?

Fontanini Nativity Set

If you are looking for a gorgeous Nativity set, you may want to consider a Nativity set made by Fontanini. Fontanini figurines, which are crafted in Italy, are made with a material that is guaranteed not to break or chip, so they last a lifetime.

Fontanini Nativity sets come individually boxed for each piece purchased. You will also get an Heirloom story card that tells the story about each person a figurine is made for. This is a neat way to refresh your memory about what role each person in the set played during Christ's birth.

For example, if you purchase one of the Three Wise Men, such as Balthazar, a story card will be included in the box telling you about Balthazar. He was one of the Wise Men who brought Myrrh to the baby Jesus and was Prince of Africa and King of Saba at the time of his journey to see the baby Jesus. The 5" Balthazar figurine for the Nativity set, which is the most popular, runs for $16.

If you purchase another of the Wise Men, Gaspar, you will find out on your story card that he was responsible for bringing Jesus the frankincense and was over 100 years old when he went to see the baby Jesus. This 5" figurine will cost $16.

A Fontanini Nativity set is a true family heirloom, an educational one at that. Having a Fontanini in your home or giving a Fontanini Nativity, as a gift at Christmas is a lovely gesture, because these figurines are truly gorgeous.



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