Rope Lights

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What are Rope Lights?

Rope Lights

If you hate taking out your Christmas lights each season and untangling them, hanging them, and replacing broken bulbs, have you considered using rope lights instead?

Rope lights have many benefits. First, they easily wrap around things, so if you have posts on the front of your home or in your home, you can quite quickly wrap a Christmas rope light around the post and viola! You have decorated your home with Christmas lights. Rope lights are also great for hanging on the outside of your home and can also be used indoors if you wish. Rope lights are typically made with a vinyl cord of which a rope light set is wrapped. There is no touching of the Christmas lights as they are wrapped in a vinyl cord.

Most rope lights are about 18 feet long and come equipped with mounting clips and cable ties for easy hanging. Rope lights typically can be connected for up to 200 feet and come in all colors imaginable. You can also purchase rope lights that are multi colored and has lights that chase, meaning the lights seem to move throughout the string of lights within the rope. These chasing rope lights are pretty cool and will cost about $22 compared to rope lights that don't chase, which cost about $14 online.



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