Foldout Advent Calendar

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What is a Foldout Advent Calendar?

Foldout Advent Calendar

There are many types of Advent calendars to choose from. One unique Advent calendar is the foldout Advent calendar. These calendars can depict any scene, from a Biblical scene with Mary and Joseph to a fun scene that features an animal with a festive hat to a snowman or any other type of Christmas scene you can think of.

These foldout Advent calendars unfold from the middle and stand up on a counter or other flat surface. Within the festive scene of your foldout Advent calendar you will find 24 squares to open each day of Advent. These foldout Advent calendars are typically made with a fiberboard and are generally 10 by 14 inches and average about $5 or higher in price.

Foldout Advent calendars can be reused from year to year, which makes them really special. As long as you care for them properly and store them in the appropriate container, your foldout Advent calendar will last for years!



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