Rounding Out the Look

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Do I need to order anything other than the Santa suit?

Rounding Out the Look

Purchasing a Santa suit to use to build Christmas traditions in your home is a great idea, but make sure when you purchase the suit that you round out the look and purchase the beard, the boots, the hat, the bag and Santa's glasses. You can bet that if you paid a visit to a child without all of those items, that child will surely notice the difference.

Most retailers that sell Santa suits sell the suit separately from the accessories that go with it, so it's important to purchase those items as well. If you purchase a professional cotton velvet Santa suit, then you should make sure you get a matching hat in the same color.

Santa beards are available in a synthetic fiber or a natural looking wig and beard. A good idea when deciding on what beard and wig works for you is to carefully study both, and if ordering online, give the retailer a call and ask what they recommend. If you want Santa to have his sidekick, Mrs. Claus, there are Mrs. Claus costumes available as well. Imagine a child's surprise to see both Santa and his wife arrive for a visit.



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