Wooden Nativity Scenes

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What are some wooden Nativity sets and prices?

Wooden Nativity Scenes

If you have a home that is too casual for a porcelain Nativity, or you simply prefer an unbreakable material, you may want to look at purchasing a wooden Nativity set. What's great about a wooden Nativity set is that many times the set is actually handmade, which means a lot of time, care and effort goes into the design of the set. You know you will be buying a unique high quality Nativity that will last for years to come.

You can purchase a Jim Shore Nativity in separate pieces, such as a stable that is handcrafted wood and costs about $50, or you can purchase an entire Nativity set that includes ten pieces of the Nativity for around $85.

If you wish to get a bit more creative and purchase a Nativity that looks a bit different, perhaps you might choose a Jim Shore stone resin Christmas Nativity scene. This Nativity has a beautiful cabin stable adorned with background scenes that accentuate the Nativity. This type of Nativity will add a unique touch to celebrating the reason for the season.



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