Fun With Nativity sets

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Can nativity sets be fun for children?

Fun With Nativity sets

Your kids are bored and restless. They feel a bit under the weather, but they aren't sick enough to stay in bed and are tired of watching movies. As you are wracking your brain for ideas to entertain them, you see that the new nativity set is still in its box. Is there any way nativity sets can be exciting for children?

Setting up a nativity scene can be a lot of fun for children. There are animals, the baby Jesus and interesting characters to be arranged. Of course, just putting the figurines in the right spots won't take very long. However, there are several ways to stretch this activity out so that it lasts longer.

  • Have coloring sheets with nativity scenes ready for the kids to work on as soon as the last figurine is in place. While they color, read them the story of the birth of Jesus or show them a cartoon about Christmas. If they don't enjoy coloring, have them work on making Christmas cards or a Christmas related craft.
  • Write up a quick play of the Christmas story, complete with parts for all the animals. Encourage your children to act out the play with the figurines as they set up the scene.



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