Nativity Scenes for Families

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Is a nativity scene a good idea for families?

Nativity Scenes for Families

You want your family to spend more time thinking about the reason for the Christmas season instead of making lists of gifts you have to buy or putting together holiday social calendars that are packed with parties. Since you know that the best way to make a change is to start with yourself, you are shopping for nativity scenes. After all, if one of these sets doesn't remind people of the miracle of the birth of Jesus, what will?

A nativity scene is a great idea for any family, and you can build many wonderful traditions around one. However, if you have small children, you may want to set up the scene in a spot where it is easy to see but hard to reach.

If you can't find a spot that is out of reach, consider buying a set that isn't breakable. Few preschoolers understand the story of Jesus completely. They see a baby without a cute outfit or toys sitting in a pile of hay and think they are doing it a favor by moving it into the doll house. They see the sheep and think that it would be fun to play farmer. It is a bit frustrating to hunt down the missing Nativity pieces, but they can be set right back in place, while a fragile glass or porcelain set may not survive your child's curiosity.



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