Choosing Nativities

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Are there any tips for narrowing down the choices for nativities?

Choosing Nativities

When you decided you wanted to buy a nativity set, you had no idea there'd be so many different types. Now, you're feeling a bit overwhelmed. How are you going to decide which of the many nativities is right for you? While there are quite a few options to choose from, you can narrow your selection to two or three nativities fairly easily by asking yourself a few basic questions.

  • Do you want a nativity that you can add a piece or two to each year? If so, keep that in mind to make sure the set is easily expandable and readily available.
  • Do you have enough room to set up a large display? If so, you may want to look for life size nativity scenes. If space is at a premium, you may want to opt for smaller scale or even miniature nativity sets.
  • Are you setting up your nativity scene outdoors? You can find lighted displays that are sure to catch the attention of people driving past your home. If your nativity will be for indoor use, lighting may not be an important consideration for you.
  • Is durability a big factor? If you are displaying your nativity indoors on a fireplace mantle, you may not be concerned about how fragile the pieces are. However, for outdoor displays or indoor sets that are easily reachable by children and pets, fragile sets would not be a good idea.



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