Create a Fun Tradition With a Christmas Snowman Kit

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Is there anything fun I can do with a Christmas snowman kit?

Create a Fun Tradition With a Christmas Snowman Kit

You can't wait for the first snow fall of the year. You're going to pull out your new Christmas snowman kits, bundle up the kids and head outside to enjoy a new holiday tradition—a family snowman competition.

Creating a snowman is something even a toddler can do if you don't get caught up in making sure everything looks picture perfect. Although some of the snowmen on your lawn may look more like snow blobs, the important thing is that everyone is outside together and enjoying the beautiful snowy day.

Before the competition begins, demonstrate how to roll one of the big balls of snow that form the snowman's body by packing a small amount of snow into a solid snowball and then rolling it through the snow on the ground until it is the desired size.

After everyone has finished making a snowman (or woman!), judge the results and hand out prizes. Make sure everyone wins an award by having plenty of prize categories like "best dressed" and "most creative shape" for those snowmen that don't resemble traditional Christmas snowmen.

Finish up the competition by going back inside to serve hot chocolate and Christmas cookies.



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