Repetition Is the Key to Stress-free Christmas Décor

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Are there any tips for stress-free Christmas décor?

Repetition Is the Key to Stress-free Christmas Décor

You want to wow people with your house and lawn decorations this year, but the truth is that you couldn't decorate your way out of a paper bag. You need some great ideas for decorating your place, but you need them to be easy enough for someone decoratively challenged. Luckily, stress-free Christmas décor is simple when you follow a few simple guidelines.

One of the easiest ways to make your decorating scheme look professional is to use repetition. One plastic lighted candy cane ornament sitting in the yard with a bunch of unrelated items looks a bit tacky and messy. Fifty candy cane ornaments lining the driveway looks incredible and will make anyone who drives up that beautifully decorated drive feel like a V.I.P.

Another smart decorating idea is to create a monochromatic display. It doesn't matter if the decorations come in different sizes and shapes because items that are all the same color look like a cohesive, planned display.

Finally, don't be afraid to copy. If you are really stuck for a decorating idea, check out the ideas other Christmas lovers have had over the years. has an entire section devoted to photos of other people's displays. Use one of them to inspire your Christmas décor ideas.



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