Caring for Inflatable Lawn Decorations

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Are there any tips for caring for inflatable lawn decorations?

Caring for Inflatable Lawn Decorations

Inflatable lawn decorations make a big statement in a Christmas yard display. They are easy to set up and add instant Christmas cheer to the yard. Once you're ready to pack everything away after the Christmas season ends, these massive decorations can be deflated and will take up very little storage space. However, if you'd like your decorations to be prominently displayed on your lawn year after year, you'll need to make sure to store them correctly.

Proper storage is important because inflatable decorations are made with a fairly sturdy, but not indestructible, plastic material. Crickets, mice and other pests can nibble holes in your decoration, leaving you with a very flat lawn ornament when you try to re-inflate it next Christmas. These plastic lawn ornaments are also in danger of being accidentally punctured by sharp objects if they are stored without the proper protection. To store your decorations properly until next Christmas, you should:

  • Follow the manufacturer instructions to dismantle your decorations properly.
  • Thoroughly wipe down the plastic surfaces to remove any dirt, insects and debris.
  • Neatly fold the decorations and place them in a pest proof container, such as a Christmas tree bag or a plastic storage container.
  • Store any accessories, such as lawn ornament stakes, in a bag that is taped to the storage container. This way, you can keep all the parts of your inflatable lawn decoration in one spot, but they will not accidentally puncture the material if they shift around.



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