Find Local Christmas Lights and Decorations

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Is there a good way to find local Christmas lights and decorations?

Find Local Christmas Lights and Decorations

You enjoy looking at pictures of Christmas decorating ideas, but nothing beats looking at the real thing. You'd like to check out some local Christmas lights and decorations to get some great ideas for your house and yard, but you aren't sure how to find people who are serious about Christmas. Yes, you could just drive around looking for well decorated homes, but, with the rising cost of fuel, you just may spend so much on gas that you eat up your budget for lawn decorations. What you need is an easy way to locate homeowners who have a major helping of the Christmas spirit.

Luckily, the answer to your problems is as close as your computer. has a fun service for Christmas loving customers. You can add a picture of your outdoor decorations to My Christmas Wonderland. You can also see who has done a lot of decorating nearby. Once you know who sets up Christmas displays in your area, you can map an efficient, gas saving route, cook up a thermos full of hot chocolate and head out on your local Christmas decor tour. Don't forget to bring along a note pad and pen so that you can jot down ideas for your own amazing yard display.



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