Light the Way With Outdoor Christmas Lighting

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Is there anything I can do with outdoor Christmas lighting during the rest of the year?

Light the Way With Outdoor Christmas Lighting

Outdoor Christmas lighting looks so festive and welcoming during the holidays. It is a shame to keep those colorful lights from shining for most of the year. Why not consider some of these ideas for having fun with outdoor Christmas lights all year long?

  • Buy red, purple and pink Christmas lights. After you take them down in January, create a big heart shaped light wreath with them. Plug it in on February 1st and let it shine through the Valentine's Day weekend.
  • Decorate the trees and bushes with pastel and white lights during the Easter month. If you really want to create a fun effect, consider looking for wire topiary frames that have Easter or spring themes and wrapping them with lights. Combine a bunny shape with a basket or wheelbarrow to create your own lighted Easter display.
  • Put someone's name up in lights on his or her special day by using Christmas lighting to spell out a happy birthday message during his or her birthday week. You may also want to spell out other messages with your lights such as graduation congratulations.



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