Decorate Safely With Christmas Mini Lights

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Are there any tips for using Christmas mini lights safely?

Decorate Safely With Christmas Mini Lights

With all the improvements in lighting over the past few years, decorating safely with Christmas lights is rarely an issue. However, it is a smart idea to consider a few things before you start decorating with your Christmas miniature lights to be sure you have a safe and happy holiday. To be sure your Christmas is trouble free, you should:

  • Be sure that you are not plugging different types of light strands together because plugging a strand of miniature lights into a strand of full size lights can be a dangerous idea. If you want different sized lights on your tree, you should string together two or three strands of mini lights and then plug them into an outlet. Then, string together two or three strands of standard Christmas tree lights and plug them into a separate outlet.
  • Think about safety when you start to run extension cords across a room. Always securely tape down any cords so people do not trip over them. You may also want to place a runner over the cord to further avoid any accidents.
  • Turn out the lights when you are not around. This helps you avoid electrical problems and conserves electricity. Just be sure not to put a runner over any electrical where heat can build up is a concern. And never use lights with missing or broken bulb, or frayed wires.



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