Color Trends for Christmas Light Bulbs

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Are there any color trends for Christmas light bulbs?

Color Trends for Christmas Light Bulbs

This year you want to make sure your Christmas tree colors are just right. However, you aren't quite sure which colors should to choose.

Actually, you're probably feeling a bit confused because the single color trends of the past have morphed into a selection of trends for every field—from the fashion industry to the home decor arena. The different industries have realized that consumers have different needs and tastes. Of course, this doesn't mean there aren't any trends. As you shop for Christmas lights, you should:

  • Think about home decor trends that are hot right now. Pink and green patterns and jewel tones are both big in home decor. Natural colors are also hot because of concerns about the environment. While you may not be able to find beige lights, there are plenty of greens and blues to choose from.
  • Consider fashion trends. The fashion world tends to be a few years ahead of home decor, but if you want to be seen as a trendsetter, choosing hues from the current fashion season for your light colors may be the way to go.



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