Add the Wow Factor With Christmas Light Shows

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Are Christmas light shows hard to set up?

Add the Wow Factor With Christmas Light Shows

You carefully plug in your final strand of Christmas lights, hit the juice and stand back to admire the display. It looks just as nice as last year's display. In fact, it is last year's display, right down to the colored lights decorating the live Spruce by the driveway. You need to shake things up and bring some excitement to your decorating scheme, but you really don't want to change the way you put the decorations up because several years of experimenting have shown you that this is the most attractive display you can create. How can you add a wow factor to your decorations without ruining the beauty of that perfectly balanced decor?

A "Lights and Sounds of Christmas" synchronizer is designed to turn a static light display into a vibrant and exciting show where the lights flash or dance in time to the music playing through the system. You can choose from the large selection of Christmas carols included with the system to set the mood for a party or just to get your neighbors in a holiday mood.



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