Use Miniature Lights to Create Some Illuminated Decorations

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Can miniature lights be used for anything besides decorating trees?

Use Miniature Lights to Create Some Illuminated Decorations

Miniature lights are such versatile and lovely Christmas decorations that it seems a bit wasteful to only use them to light up a tree. Why not use these softly shining strings of light to illuminate and decorate in some nontraditional ways this Christmas season?

Think about using lights and glass ornaments to make a decoration that is sure to be a focal point. Carefully coil a strand of miniature LED lights into a clear container, such as a large crystal bowl or glass vase. Don't forget to leave several feet of the light strand and the plug outside of the container so that you can light up your decoration when it is done.

Next, carefully place glass ball ornaments in the container, hiding as much of the light strand's cord as possible. Using glass balls is important because light will bounce off the shiny surface of the balls. You may want to gently shift the ornaments around so that most of the bulbs are visible between them.

Plug in the cord to see how brightly your new ornament shines. You may need to make a few more adjustments to make sure it really sparkles.



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