Filling Christmas Stockings

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Are there any money saving tips for filling Christmas stockings?

Filling Christmas Stockings

If you've been filling Christmas stockings for any length of time, you probably already know that all those little goodies you stuff into each one really can add up to a very costly set of knick-knacks. However, with some careful shopping, you can cut down on some of the expense of filling a stocking without skimping on the goodies. To fill your loved ones' stockings without emptying the piggy bank, you should:

  • Consider shopping year round for small items, such as fake tattoos, silly putty, hand-held games and action figures. Often, the only difference between little toys you buy after the Easter holiday for 75 to 90 percent off and toys you buy for full price two weeks before Christmas is the packaging. If you are going to open the packaging anyway to divvy up the toys, no one will know that you got the toys on sale but you.
  • Think about using some healthy alternatives to expensive traditional candy snacks, like apples, boxes of raisins, bananas, oranges or pomegranates.
  • Look for low cost, fun items like coloring books, stuffed toys, hats and mittens and craft kits that are small enough to fit in the stockings.



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