Heirloom Christmas Stockings

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Are there any things I should think about when shopping for heirloom Christmas stockings?

Heirloom Christmas Stockings

You want your child's Christmas stocking to be used year after year. You want it to bring back memories of wonderful holidays of the past when you hand it, filled to the brim, to a 30-year-old adult, who insists for all of 20 seconds that he or she is too old for a stocking before giving in to the temptation to turn it upside down in search of the silly putty that is always stuffed into the toe. When you plan on having a stocking that is this important, you'll want to shop for top quality heirloom Christmas stockings.

Velvet is usually the fabric of choice when you are going to be using a stocking over and over again. Velvet holds up well and doesn't crease or wrinkle easily. A good quality velvet stocking will rarely pill up, which means it will look great after decades of use.

Of course, a plain red velvet stocking, while it can hold many memories, is maybe not quite special enough to be that heirloom stocking. Why not look for special details, like personalization or decorative touches such as tassels? You can also find patterned velvet stockings, such as a stocking embossed with snowflakes.



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