Remember the Reason for Christmas With Mini Jesus Christmas Stockings

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Are there any ways to encourage my kids to think about the meaning of the season when they see their Christmas stockings?

Remember the Reason for Christmas With Mini Jesus Christmas Stockings

If you are getting frustrated with how much your children are buying into the commercialization of Christmas, you may want to consider adding another stocking to the ones you already have on the mantle. Mini Jesus Christmas stockings are a constant reminder of why we have the Christmas holiday. When your children check to see how full their Christmas stockings are each day, they will see the mini Jesus stocking, too.

Reminding your children of the reason for the Christmas season is a wonderful idea. However, why not take things a step further and use the stocking to do some good this year? To help your children experience the joy of giving, you may want to:

  • Encourage them to do chores around the house. For every chore they do, give them their standard allowance, but add some extra money to put in the stocking. At the end of the month, take the kids and the money from the stocking to a grocery store to buy staple items for the local food pantry or for a needy family you know of. Help them pick out nutritious choices and then take them to make their food delivery.

  • Fill the stocking with slips of paper with good deed suggestions on them. Each day, have your children pull a slip from the stocking and do something kind for someone else.



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