Hang Christmas Stockings on an Artificial Fireplace

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Is there a way to hang Christmas stockings without a fireplace?

Hang Christmas Stockings on an Artificial Fireplace

Your children have spent weeks fretting over your home's lack of a fireplace and your reassurances that you don't need one are falling on deaf ears. The story of Santa Claus reduces them to tears, because they are sure that there is no way that he will be delivering gifts without a fireplace. As Christmas approaches, their distress gets worse. You need to do something to console your children, but you aren't going to be able to afford a major house remodel right before the holidays. What you need is an artificial fireplace.

Artificial fireplaces look extremely realistic and are perfect for families that don't have a mantle to hang their stockings from, since they come with stocking hooks. With one of these fireplaces, you can reassure your children that not only will Santa be visiting your household with some gifts; he will also be stuffing their stockings with goodies on the way out.

For people with a small home, the great thing about an artificial corrugated fireplace is that it can be disassembled and stored away when the holiday season is over. Next year, you can pull it out and reassemble it for some instant Christmas cheer.



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