Differences in Christmas Stockings

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Are there any differences in Christmas stockings?

Differences in Christmas Stockings

You need to buy Christmas stockings for the entire family. You thought the task would be a snap until you discovered that there were so many different types of stockings. Now, you aren't quite sure which type of stocking will work best for your loved ones. To choose stockings, you should:

  • Think about the number of times you'll want to use them. If your kids and their families tend to take their stockings home each Christmas and never bring them back, you may not want to shop for the biggest, most elaborate options. If you'll be using the same stockings for the next twenty years, your decision should be all about the durability of the fabric.
  • Consider time constraints. If you are going to have to personalize stockings yourself, you will need quite a bit of extra time. People who are short on time will probably want to shop for Christmas stockings that are already personalized.
  • Remember to think about stocking sizes. An infant may do best with a very small first Christmas stocking that will be filled up quite quickly with just a few treats, like booties and a holiday bib. Pre-teen children will probably need larger stockings, as a coloring book, crayons and treats are just a few of the things you'll want to fit inside.



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