Protect Your Christmas Figurines

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Are there any tips for protecting my Christmas figurines?

Protect Your Christmas Figurines

A collection of good Christmas figurines can cost quite a bit of money. While putting your collection together is a fun and enjoyable hobby, you should make sure you protect your investment by following a few simple precautions. To make sure your figurines keep their value, you should:

Decide whether you are strictly interested in collecting figurines because they make you happy or whether having them become less valuable will upset you. Just as cars lose money the second their new owners drive them off the lot, many of your Precious Moments, or Hummel figurines may actually decrease in value the second you remove them from the box. Make sure you keep any tags or stickers on your figurines if you decide to put them on display. This helps prove that they are original pieces if you ever want to sell your collection. Keep certificates of authenticity in a fireproof box. These certificates don't just prove that undamaged figurines are authentic. They also are very important to have as proof of value for your collection if you need to submit an insurance claim because of theft, flooding or fire damage.

Avoid damaging your collectibles that are on display by leaving space between them. This helps you avoid paint scuffs or chips that occur from pieces rubbing against each other.



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