Displaying Santa Collectibles

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Are there any ideas for displaying Santa collectibles in a crowded room?

Displaying Santa Collectibles

As a child you became fascinated with Santa Claus, and now as an adult you buy Santa collectibles every Christmas. You put the first few on display in nooks and crannies on your bookshelves, but you quickly ran out of space. Now, your newer Santa purchases are still in their boxes, which are piled in your spare bedroom. What you need is a good way to display your collectibles so everyone can see how amazing they are. Unfortunately, there is no way you can fit a big curio cabinet into the house to hold them. Why don't you try one of these unconventional options for finding display space instead?

  • Install a narrow shelf that runs the whole way around the room. You'll want to be sure you can fit the majority of your collectibles on the shelf, so it should ideally be six to ten inches down from the ceiling. You may also want to add a lip to the front of the shelf to keep any of your beautiful Jim Shore, Kurt Adler, or Pipka figurines from tumbling off the shelves if someone slams a door.
  • Replace the molding over your doors and windows with a piece of molding wide enough to hold small figurines.



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