Create a Tradition With Precious Moments

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Is there a way to make a Precious Moments gift special?

Create a Tradition With Precious Moments

Precious Moments characters are so cute that any little girl is sure to fall in love with them. If you have a precious little girl in your life, you can start a new tradition by giving her a new figurine each year. Of course, you could simply wrap it up and stick the package under a tree, but why not make the tradition special? There are several fun things you can try to make the gift even more meaningful.

Consider hiding the figurine in a spot that is a bit of a challenge to discover and then writing a set of clues to lead your child to the gift each year. Make sure the clues aren't too hard though. A treasure that is never uncovered isn't very much fun.

Create a special shelf with room to hold a nice collection of figurines and hang it on your child's wall when she is not around. Remember to leave plenty of room for the collection to grow over the years. You may want to hang a curtain over the shelf so she doesn't know what is underneath the curtain right away. Allow her to place her first figurine on the shelf and then do a fun activity with her, such as having a tea party.



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