Ideas for Decorating Your Home With Hummel Figurines

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Are there any great tips for displaying Hummel figurines?

Ideas for Decorating Your Home With Hummel Figurines

Hummel figurines have been loved by generations and have always been incredibly popular. If you are a fan of these sweet figurines that capture special childhood moments, you have probably acquired quite a collection. While you could just stack the boxes filled with your Hummel pieces in a closet, they are so cute that it seems like a shame not to display and enjoy them all year long. To show off your collection of Hummel, you should:

Create vignettes with several figurines in different areas of your home. Why not put a small group of related pieces on a mantel or a wide windowsill? If you choose the right pieces, they will look like a group of children playing together.

Tuck a figurine into a child's toy. An antique metal truck or miniature wheelbarrow is the perfect spot to display one of the sitting Hummel pieces. Or, you can find an old dollhouse and repaint it so that it is a nice, neutral color that goes with the colors on the Hummel pieces. A warm tan color may be the best choice. Then, use the dollhouse as a display shelf to hold your collectibles. You may want to screw a piece of Plexiglass across the open back of the dollhouse to keep your collection safe from little fingers.



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