Use Christmas Calendars to Decorate a Miniature Tree

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Is there any way to make the whole process of opening Christmas calendars last longer?

Use Christmas Calendars to Decorate a Miniature Tree

As you watch your children open their Christmas calendar compartment for the day, you can't help wishing there was just a bit more to the whole process. They come running in, choose a person to open that day's door and enjoy the treat inside. Then, they're done. Isn't there some way to extend the opening procedure? Actually, one great way to make opening an advent calendar special is to look for a calendar that contains miniature ornaments.

The day before the calendar countdown begins, have your kids help you set up a miniature tree. Once the tree is set up, you may want to spend some time talking about the story behind advent calendars.

Each day, the kids can open a compartment in the calendar, pull out an ornament and hang it. While they are hanging the ornament, sneak a fun treat into the compartment so they can open it again and enjoy a prize. This is an especially good idea if you have two children, as they can both have a chance to open the compartment each day.

When all the compartments have been opened, your kids will have an attractively decorated miniature tree that the whole family can enjoy.



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