Choosing Christmas Calendars

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Are there any tips for choosing Christmas calendars?

Choosing Christmas Calendars

As you look at the selection of Christmas calendars, you're feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are so many calendars from which to choose. Which one is right for your family? Actually, while there certainly are many options, you shouldn't have to spend too long trying to find the perfect advent calendar. Think about the people who will be using the calendar before you begin your search. Be sure to keep your family members' attention spans and ages in mind as you look at the choices, and your calendar will almost choose itself.

First, you will need to decide if you want a reusable calendar that can trigger fond memories of Christmas celebrations from previous years or if you prefer the excitement of a new calendar with surprises behind every door.

For very young children, the excitement of being able to open a door or look into a little pocket is enough. For these children, a calendar that has a different picture for each day is terrific. For slightly older children, a piece of chocolate in each compartment will generate more interest than a calendar that doesn't hold a concrete reward.

Teens usually feel too cool to be excited about an advent calendar, but if you leave the marker in the wrong spot on your reusable calendar, your teen will probably move it to the right spot, after delightedly informing you that you didn't remember to count off a day.



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