Sharing the Legends of Christmas

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Would my kids be interested in hearing the legends of Christmas?

Sharing the Legends of Christmas

There are many interesting Christmas legends, from the origins of Santa Claus to the significance of the Advent Calendar. A fun way to make the holiday special is to pass on all the stories about the traditions that your family honors during the season. To tell your children about all of the legends you enjoyed as a child, you should:

  • Prepare ahead of time by researching the stories behind the many symbols of Christmas. Your local library can help you gather picture books and legends about the star, the poinsettia and other special items that are associated with Christmas.
  • Wait until you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy sharing the stories you have to tell. Consider combining story telling with another activity, like decorating your new artificial Christmas tree. As you are telling your kids about old traditions, you will be starting your own special new tradition of telling tales and laughter during holiday preparations.
  • Be willing to cut a story short if your kids are starting to seem a bit restless. If possible, take your cue from serial television shows and stop at a suspenseful place. For example, if you are talking about the birth of Jesus, stop before the Wise Men find him or pause at the point where the shepherds are afraid. This way, your children will be more interested in hearing the end of the story when you want to finish it the next evening.



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