Use Advent Wreaths to Make the Countdown to Christmas

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Can advent wreaths help me make the countdown to Christmas?

Use Advent Wreaths to Make the Countdown to Christmas

Christmas advent wreaths are a nice option for people with limited wall space since these wreaths sit on a table or windowsill. They add a festive touch to small spaces and are the perfect choice for a table centerpiece. As conversation flows and people enjoy dining by the glow of the wreath's candles, they may not realize what that wreath symbolizes.

Although many people simply enjoy using these wreaths as decorations, they do have an important religious significance as well. It is no coincidence that the wreath itself is formed in the same circular shape as a wedding ring, which symbolizes unending love. Each of the candles also has a different meaning, such as the shepherds discovering the birth of Jesus.

For some, the wreath is used as part of the traditional Advent celebration. Each Sunday during the month of the Advent, a family member will add a candle to the wreath. After a prayer is said, the family lights the newest candle and the candles added to the wreath during the previous weeks. This weekly ceremony is supposed to remind the family why they are celebrating Christmas and to help them recommit themselves to their faith.



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